The Rachael Doherty Foundation has donated $92,000

Rachael Doherty Foundation Is Thrilled To Support the Harry Perkins Medical Research Institute

The Rachael Doherty Foundation has donated $92,000 to fund a Research Assistant at the new Harry Perkins Institute located at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Matt Peach presented Professor Peter Klinken with the Donation to further their research in micro RNAs - a new form of treatment for cancers of the blood.


Professor Klinken told Matt that The Perkins, is a state-of-the-art purpose-built medical research facility boasting innovative design, extensive facilities which would attract the best and brightest researchers to Perth.  The building has been designed to enable international collaboration on medical discoveries.


Apart from the impressive laboratories and patient treatment rooms, the 10-story building included exhibition areas where “science meets art”: the central staircase is styled on a strand of DNA, electronic art work shows colour stained cells on 4m high banners, and a simulation of an MRI Scan stopping at points over a male and female skeleton details the research being conducted at The Perkins.


The Rachael Doherty Foundation Board is proud to be associated with the Harry Perkins Institute and sincerely thanks all the Rachael Doherty Foundation Supporters who have enabled this Donation.

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Matt Peach_Professor Klinken