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Language Teaching Theory and Practice

Metrics details. The present study explores the perceptions of pre-service teachers regarding their experiences in the university teacher-training course during the practicum. In particular, the study focuses on how the pre-service teachers perceived the effects of the university course, as they tried to connect theory and practice during the practicum. A total of 15 participants enrolled in the methodology course for teaching speaking attended a 4-week practicum in secondary schools. They recorded their reflections on their teaching experiences in their reflective journals and they were interviewed after the practicum. The results of the study showed that the university course prepared them the fundamental skills to prepare for lessons and reflect on their teaching practice.

Theory and Practice in Language Studies

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This textbook proposes a theoretical approach to linguistics in relation to teaching English. Combining research with practical classroom strategies and activities, it aims to satisfy the needs of new and experienced TESOL practitioners, helping them to understand the features of the English language and how those features impact on students in the classroom. The author provides a toolkit of strategies and practical teaching ideas to inspire and support practitioners in the classroom, encouraging reflection through regular stop-and-think tasks, so that practitioners have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and relate it to their own experience and practice. She has been a languages teaching professional for over twenty years. After many years living and working abroad as an English language teacher and teacher trainer, she returned to the UK and spent eight years teaching Spanish and French.

This unit examines the theory and practice of language teaching and explores 'reflective practice' as a set of skills that can be applied to your future working life. Having successfully completed this module, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of:. The module aims to give you a critical understanding of some of the principles, issues and activities underlying the teaching of a foreign language, with particular reference to English. While the main focus of the module will be on broader issues such as needs and motivation, module design and appropriate pedagogy. These will be dealt with in terms of pedagogical issues such as the teaching of skills or culture, classroom management and dealing with error.

Theory and Practice in Language Studies (TPLS,ISSN ) is a Oeinada, Ni Luh Sutjiati Beratha, I Nengah Sudipa, Made Sri Satyawati. PDF.

Politeness in Language

Generally in teaching, particularly in teacher education, harsh criticism is directed towards theory by teachers with respect to its lack of relevance and benefits to practice. With the purpose of having a deeper understanding of this criticism, this study aims to explore conceptualization of theory by both English as a Foreign Language EFL student teachers and practicing teachers. The data were collected from a group of 18 student teachers and a group of 16 practicing teachers. An open-ended questionnaire was administered to the first group while the second group was asked to complete a questionnaire with likert-scale items.

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Politeness in Language

Theory and Practice of Second Language Acquisition is an academic research-oriented journal devoted to the theoretical issues concerning language acquisition processes and their practical classroom implications. It also focuses on the effects of research on language acquisition on language instruction in different educational settings. Additionally, the journal sets out to address the issues of natural conditions for language development in both bilingual and multilingual contexts. Studying language acquisition and learning requires a multidisciplinary approach, as it embraces both linguistic and psychological dimensions of these processes. We believe that this multidisciplinary perspective calls for a variety of research methods to be employed from quantitative to qualitative and mixed instruments.

Theory and Practice in Language Studies TPLS is a peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among teachers and researchers in the field of language studies. The journal is published monthly by Academy Publication. TPLS was started in TPLS carries original, full-length articles and short research notes that reflect the latest developments and advances in both theoretical and practical aspects of language teaching and learning. We particularly encourage articles that share an interdisciplinary orientation, articles that bridge the gap between theory and practice, and articles in new and emerging areas of research that reflect the challenges faced today. Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

This collection of 13 original papers focuses on the phenomenon of politeness in language. The universal validity of the term itself is called into question, as are models such as those developed by Brown and Levinson, Lakoff, and Leech. New approaches are suggested. In addition to this theoretical discussion, an empirical section presents a number of case studies and research projects in linguistic politeness.

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