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Nonnative , exotic , or alien species are animals and plants living outside their native ranges as a result of human action.

Nuisance & Invasive Species

Visit the Nuisance Wildlife Species page to identify how you can prevent and control problems with wildlife. Invasive species are non-native species that can cause harm to the environment, the economy or human health. Invasives come from all around the world. As international trade increases, so does the rate of invasive species introductions. Invasive species threaten nearly every aspect of our world and are one of the greatest threats to New York's biodiversity. They cause or contribute to:.

Invasive species pose a threat to our native environment and are recognized globally as the second greatest threat to biodiversity. Invasive species are plants and animals that do not occur naturally in ecosystems in British Columbia and their presence can harm our environment, economy and even our health. These non-native or alien invasive species reproduce rapidly, are resilient and can overwhelm existing native species. Yes, two strategic documents provide the framework for a province-wide approach to managing invasive species. This guide provides best management practice advice for various activities in parks and protected areas and provides species profiles for over 60 priority invasive plants.

The Invasive Plants and Animals Policy Framework is the Victorian Government's approach to the management of existing and potential invasive species. Under that framework, various modules outline management actions for each invasive plant and animal group. The scope of this module encompasses mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and both terrestrial and freshwater plants. The scope of this module encompasses exotic invasive marine plants, marine algae, marine invertebrate animals and marine fish. It excludes non-fish marine vertebrate animals such as mammals e. These are included in Module 1.

B.C. Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group

The management of invasive species is increasingly complex. Environmental, social, and economic parameters must be incorporated into the decision-making process. Overarching goals and objectives of the B. The IMISWG has piloted new approaches to on-the-ground management of invasive species and developed innovative models for community involvement. The IMISWG provides for provincial leadership and collaborative approaches to prevent critical invasive plant species from establishing in B. Our goals are to:.

Invasive species in Europe: ecology, status, and policy

Species invasions are a major driver of ecological change, are very difficult to control or reverse, and will increase with climate change and global trade. Invasion sciences consider how species in invaded environments adapt, but neither scientists nor policy makers consider human adaptation to invasive species and how this affects ecosystems and well-being. To address this, a framework conceptualising autochthonous human adaptation to invasions was developed based on the Human Adaptation to Biodiversity Change framework and a case study metasynthesis.

This report examines the factors that can be used to distinguish between species that pose a high risk of becoming a new pest and those that pose a lower risk. This information is used to construct a scientifically based risk assessment model to evaluate the risks posed by the import and keeping of exotic species in Australia. This report provides information and guidance that will assist those responsible for assessing and managing the risks posed by the import and keeping of exotic vertebrates, including government policy makers, quarantine officials and wildlife managers.

Nuisance & Invasive Species

Metrics details. Globalization of trade and travel has facilitated the spread of non-native species across the earth.

Human adaptation to invasive species: A conceptual framework based on a case study metasynthesis

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The Invasive Plants and Animals Policy framework represents the Victorian Government's approach to managing existing and potential invasive species across the.


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The Invasive Plants and Animals Policy Framework is the Victorian Government's approach to the management of existing and potential invasive species.


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