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The Journal of Military History

A multifaceted exploration of the interplay between civic and military life in ancient Rome. The ancient Romans famously distinguished between civic life in Rome and military matters outside the city—a division marked by the pomerium , an abstract religious and legal boundary that was central to the myth of the city's foundation. In this book, Michael Koortbojian explores, by means of images and texts, how the Romans used social practices and public monuments to assert their capital's distinction from its growing empire, to delimit the proper realms of religion and law from those of war and conquest, and to establish and disseminate so many fundamental Roman institutions across three centuries of imperial rule. Crossing the Pomerium probes such topics as the appearance in the city of Romans in armor, whether in representation or in life, the role of religious rites on the battlefield, and the military image of Constantine on the arch built in his name. Throughout, the book reveals how, in these instances and others, the ancient ideology of crossing the pomerium reflects the efforts of Romans not only to live up to the ideals they had inherited, but also to reconceive their past and to validate contemporary practices during a time when Rome enjoyed growing dominance in the Mediterranean world. A masterly reassessment of the evolution of ancient Rome and its customs, Crossing the Pomerium explores a problem faced by generations of Romans—how to leave and return to hallowed city ground in the course of building an empire. The concept of the pomerium is of central importance to the study of all things Roman, and the broad chronological scope of Crossing the Pomerium will make it indispensable for scholars of history, art history, and the history of religion.

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Ancient Rome

Rome's military was always tightly keyed to its political system. In the Roman kingdom the social standing of a person impacted both his political and military roles, which were often organised into familial clans such as the Julia. These clans often wielded a large amount of power and were huge influences through the Roman Kingdom into the Republic. The political system was from an early date based upon competition within the ruling elite, the Patricians. Senators in the Republic competed fiercely for public office, the most coveted of which was the post of Consul. The late Republic and Empire was increasingly plagued by usurpations led by or supported by the military, leading to the crisis of the third century in the late empire. Under the Etruscan king Servius Tullius , a person's social standing and wealth determined both their political and military role: following his reforms, a rich man would have had greater voting rights, and greater standing within the military, than a poor man.

Access options available:. Barnes bio C. His history of the Roman state from its foundation down to the disappearance of the western Roman Empire in the fifth century AD is primarily a narrative of political and military events at the level of 'a general introduction to the affairs of the Roman People for a reader with no prior knowledge of the subject. He aims to be 'both concise and readable,' and he identifies the principal obstacle to achieving this double aim as the relatively deficient source material available for writing the history of ancient Greece and Rome: the evidence which survives is so lacunose that the course of events, even sometimes of very important wars or social upheavals, can often only be established in vague outline and by hypothetical arguments. The ancient historian is frequently in the position that a modern historian would be if he was genuinely uncertain whether an episode on the scale of the Armenian genocide of actually occurred or not. Given both the enormous accidental loss of evidence and the obvious deliberate distortion in much that does survive, it is a welcome feature of Mackay's book that he prefaces each of its five chronological sections with a brief introduction of about three pages on the main sources for the period and the central problems in understanding it. The book comprises a consecutive narrative in five parts with the traditional division of Roman history into 'obscure beginnings' down to the start of the First Punic War, the conquest of the Mediterranean, the collapse of the Roman Republic, the Principate, and the Late Empire.

Political history of the Roman military

Ancient Rome , the state centred on the city of Rome. This article discusses the period from the founding of the city and the regal period, which began in bc , through the events leading to the founding of the republic in bc , the establishment of the empire in 27 bc , and the final eclipse of the Empire of the West in the 5th century ad. For later events of the Empire of the East, see Byzantine Empire. Rome must be considered one of the most successful imperial powers in history.

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Crossing the Pomerium

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Republic to Empire: Government in Ancient Rome

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Ariela C.

Access options available:.


Shilpa G.

Phyllis Culham. Ancient Rome: A Military and Political History. By Christopher S. Mackay. New York: Cambridge University Press, [].


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