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If you and your partner are struggling to have a baby, you're not alone. Infertility is defined as not being able to get pregnant despite having frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year for most couples.

Trends of male factor infertility, an important cause of infertility: A review of literature

Infertility is defined as the inability of a couple to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse. This reflects how complicated even normal conception is. Many factors can affect fertility, including the presence of sperm and egg at the right time in a receptive environment. Tests can evaluate these different aspects of fertility. Male infertility is diagnosed by a semen analysis. A sample is studied with a microscope to determine the number of sperm, the appearance of the sperm, and the ability of the sperm to move.

Infertility happens when a couple cannot conceive after having regular unprotected sex. It may be that one partner cannot contribute to conception, or that a woman is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term. It is often defined as not conceiving after 12 months of regular sexual intercourse without the use of birth control. In the United States, around 10 percent of women aged 15 to 44 years are estimated to have difficulty conceiving or staying pregnant. Worldwide, 8 to 12 percent of couples experience fertility problems. Between 45 and 50 percent of cases are thought to stem from factors that affect the man. Semen consists of fluid and sperm.

A unique view on male infertility around the globe

Metrics details. However, this number does not accurately represent all regions of the world. Indeed, on a global level, there is a lack of accurate statistics on rates of male infertility. Our report examines major regions of the world and reports rates of male infertility based on data on female infertility. Therefore, in regions of the world where male factor or rates of male infertility were not reported, we used this assumption to calculate general rates of male factor infertility.

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Women who are able to conceive but not carry a pregnancy to term may also be diagnosed with infertility. Men can be infertile too. In fact, men and women are equally likely to have fertility problems. The remaining third of cases may be caused by a combination of male and female infertility, or they may have no known cause. There are a variety of risk factors, medical conditions, and medications that can also affect fertility.

Infertility in men and women

It may be one or a combination of low sperm concentration, poor sperm motility, or abnormal morphology. The rates of infertility in less industrialized nations are markedly higher and infectious diseases are responsible for a greater proportion of infertility. The present literature will help in knowing the trends of male factor infertility in developing nations like India and to find out in future, various factors that may be responsible for male infertility. Infertility is a condition with psychological, economic, medical implications resulting in trauma, stress, particularly in a social set-up like ours, with a strong emphasis on child-bearing.

Infertility in men and women

Male Infertility: An Overview of the Causes and Treatments

Infertility is the inability of a person, animal or plant to reproduce by natural means. It is usually not the natural state of a healthy adult, except notably among certain eusocial species mostly haplodiploid insects. In humans, infertility is the inability to become pregnant after one year of intercourse without contraception involving a male and female partner. Male infertility is most commonly due to deficiencies in the semen , and semen quality is used as a surrogate measure of male fecundity. Women who are fertile experience a natural period of fertility before and during ovulation , and they are naturally infertile for the rest of the menstrual cycle. Fertility awareness methods are used to discern when these changes occur by tracking changes in cervical mucus or basal body temperature.

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The aim of this paper is to discuss the male and females causes of infertility, treatment modalities and role of midwife in dealing with infertile.

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PDF | Infertility is a common problem worldwide. Childlessness could be male infertility,femaleinfertility or combined infertility. Infertility has.



Evaluation of male infertility is important to identify a cause and provide treatment if the etiology is correctable.


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causes of infertility, it is necessary to outline the process of reproduction in the male and female. Classically, each type of infertility can be attributed to congenital.


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pregnancy rate in couples with proven fertility is ~90% after 12 months and The decline in female fertility starts at presence of either male or female causes.


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