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Here are three great beginner workouts for someone who can carve out a few gym visits per week. Strength and conditioning programs are introduced into football at youth level and is a key component of getting your body right for competitive football. An exercise specialist should have a degree in exercise physiology, physical education, physical therapy, or a similar specialty.

Report 101 Get-lean Workouts And Strategies

When we talk about dropping body fat, we still want to maintain, if not build, lean muscle mass and strength. So your first goal is to make sure you have your diet and supplement plan in place to maximize muscle growth. They're still critical, even as your goal shifts to fat loss.

If you've followed any of my training and diet programs to maximize fat loss, you know that they work very well. You may very well be one of the millions who actually witnessed those benefits on your own body.

Yet I have to admit the Lean and Shortcut To Shred diets aren't ideal for everyone because every body responds differently to diets.

The thing is, when I create a program that's meant to be helpful for millions of people, it needs to be easy to follow. Many people don't even understand the difference between protein and carbs and just want to be told what to do.

So I create diets that I feel will be effective for most people. As effective as Shortcut To Shred is, it may not be the best way for you to lose body fat while maintaining or building muscle. This is designed to help your body get used to the intense training and to keep your metabolic rate up before you start dropping carbs and calories.

However, if your diet is already low-carb, then starting off at 1. In the second week of the diet, you drop carbs down to 1 gram per pound of body weight, and then in weeks , you drop carbs again, down to 0. This is a very effective strategy for continuing to drop body fat without hitting a plateau -- for most people, that is. It just may not be the ideal diet for you.

A better diet is one that considers what you're currently eating and how your body responds throughout the diet and adjusts accordingly. Since I can't be there to monitor your progress, it will require a bit more work from you than just following the plan meal by meal.

But that's why you're a member of my site; you want to learn more and figure out how to apply the information to your own body for better results. This is what this article will teach you: How to figure out where to start on a fat-loss diet and how to progress based on your body's response. This article breaks down the nutrition information to maximize fat loss into steps.

The reason for this is, fat loss is a continual process and your diet must change gradually over time. The worst thing you can do is immediately jump down to a very low amount of calories and carbohydrates. For example, many people ask me if going on a Keto diet, where almost all carbs are removed from the diet, is a smart plan. The answer is no. Yes, this can result in very rapid fat loss at the beginning, but after a few months, when fat loss stops and hits a plateau, there's little wiggle room to remove more calories and continue losing body fat.

When you diet, your body responds by going into "starvation mode. The reason for this is to conserve energy stores, namely your body fat. Your body prefers not to be lean, since body fat is stored energy that it can use when food is scarce. The more you reduce your caloric intake, the bigger the drop in your metabolic rate and the quicker this will happen. To prevent a massive slowing of your metabolic rate, you need to gradually reduce your calorie intake little by little.

Exercise will help keep your metabolic rate higher, but it can't prevent the gradual lowering of it as you drop calories. You want to start a diet for fat loss by eating as many calories as you can while still losing weight. This way, you have ample room to keep lowering calories as your metabolic rate drops and fat loss hits a plateau. How do you figure out how many calories to start your diet with?

To get the best estimate of where you should start for calories, you need to take an honest look at your current diet. I recommend recording everything you eat for one full week. But if that seems daunting, do at least two weekdays and one weekend day.

If you have a scale, weigh food such as chicken, beef, fish, etc. For liquids and grains rice, cereal , use measuring cups and spoons. Keeping a food journal is a trick I like to use to keep people from straying from their diets. When they have a weak moment and crave a donut, knowing that they have to record that in their food log helps them avoid eating the donut. But during this week, don't avoid eating any of the foods that you normally do.

The point is to access your true current diet so that you know where to start your new one. If you alter it, it can actually work against your fat-loss efforts. Calculate the amount of calories, grams of protein, grams of carbs and grams of total fat for each food that you eat.

Then, add these up for all the foods that you eat each day. Using an Excel spreadsheet can help make this easier and better allow you to keep track of your diet.

You can take the numbers from my database and enter them into Excel, then copy and paste into your current diet as you go.

Once you have the total amount of calories, grams of protein, carbs and fat for each day, you need to get an average of all the days. If you record seven days of food intake, add the calories up for all seven days and divide that number by seven to get the average calorie intake for the seven days.

If you did just three days, add up the total calories and divide by three. Do this also for grams of protein, grams of carbs and grams of fat. The critical factor here is your average calorie intake.

Take this number and divide it by your body weight in pounds to calculate your average calories relative to your body weight. For example, if you weigh pounds and you consumed an average of 4, calories per day, you currently consume an average of 20 calories per pound of body weight. Create your initial diet by using the muscle-building guidelines in my " Muscle-Building Nutrition Rules. Start by making sure that you consume close to 1.

Since there are four calories per gram of protein, that means you'll consume six calories from protein per pound of body weight. Fat has about nine calories per gram, so you will be consuming 4.

Adding the calories from protein and fat equals Subtract For the sample pound person consuming 20 calories per pound of body weight, that equals 9. This is the amount of calories you can consume from carbs per pound of body weight. Since there are four calories per gram of carbs, that equals about 2. Round that number down to 2 grams. Your new diet will consist of about 1. For the pound person that equates to 3, calories, grams of protein, grams of carbs and grams of fat per day.

See the sample diet for a pound person following these guidelines. Please note that the sample meal plans in this section are very similar to one another for the purpose of illustrating how to change the diet when you move through the different steps. This doesn't mean that you should eat the same foods every day and in each step of the diet. You should have as much variety in your diet as possible.

For food alternatives, refer to my Food Alternatives List. Follow this diet for as long as you continue seeing fat-loss results. Many of you will gain muscle mass even as you're dropping fat, so don't use the scale as your major indicator of fat loss. Use the mirror, your waist size or how you fit into your pants. An even better option is to have your body fat measured by a professional using either a site skinfold caliper, underwater weighing or DEXA scan.

Do not use bioelectrical impedance, which calculates percent body fat based on how fast it takes a current to travel through your body. This method is not accurate at all! The sample meals below are for workout days. On off days from the gym, skip the post-workout meal and have the pre-workout meal as a snack. Your next step is to adjust your diet by reducing carbs by 0. As I mentioned above, as you reduce calories, your body responds by lowering your metabolic rate to burn fewer calories throughout the day.

The only way to continue losing body fat is to reduce your calories. Since you want to keep protein and fat where they are to maximize muscle growth and strength gains, your best bet is to whittle away your carb intake.

Each time you hit a plateau in your diet and it seems like you haven't made any fat loss progress for at least a week, it's time to drop carbs. You'll reduce carbs by 0. For the pound person, that equates to about a calorie cut. Since our sample pounder is currently consuming 2 grams of carbs per pound of body weight, his first cut will be bringing him down to 1. Where you start reducing your carbs from depends on when you train. For those who train in the morning, start reducing carbs from the end of the day and work up as you continue to drop.

For those who train at night, start reducing your carbs from the start of the day and work down down as you continue to cut. It gets a little trickier if you train at lunch or before dinner. See the sample diets below for examples of how to drop carbs from your diet with each 0. You'll progressively cut carbs each time fat loss hits a plateau until you're down to around just 0.

That is, if you ever have to get that low. Many people won't have to get anywhere close to that. It just depends on where you're starting from, what your training consists of and how your body responds to the training and diet. The sample meals below are for those making their first cut in carbs from 2.

This drops calories to 17 per pound of body weight, or about 3, for the pound person.

101 Get-Lean Workouts and Strategies by Muscle Fitness

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Dieting 101

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101 Get Lean Workouts and Strategies Book Reviews

Packed with cutting-edge training programs that are backed by scientific research and proven by professional trainers and athletes, this workbook provides the very best fat-burning workouts. Containing numerous fitness regimens, this book providesMorePacked with cutting-edge training programs that are backed by scientific research and proven by professional trainers and athletes, this workbook provides the very best fat-burning workouts. Containing numerous fitness regimens, this book provides the step-by-step instructions necessary to effectively shed fat and to get into optimal shape. In addition, this collection buttresses the workouts with comprehensive meal plans that ensure readers maximize fat loss while also increasing energy levels and maintaining overall health. Waltz and tripudium dancing towards vision in Ulysses.

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