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Comma Splice Examples and How to Fix Them

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Confused about commas? Grammarly provides real-time suggestions wherever you write. Write with Grammarly. A comma splice is particular kind of comma mistake that happens when you use a comma to join two independent clauses. Koala bears are not actually bears, they are marsupials.

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A computer's spell checker does not typically catch these common mistakes, so do not rely on the spell checker to correct grammar for you. Be sure to carefully proofread all assignments for these issues. This handout defines various sentence structures, presents sample sentences , and provides strategies for correcting run-ons, Comma Splices , and Fragments. Practice activities are included to help build skills in sentence clarity and variety. First, consider the parts of a complete sentence: Complete Sentence Independent Clause. A complete sentence has minimally two parts, a subject and a verb. A sentence must also express a complete thought.

Comma Splices and Run -on Sentences A comma splice occurs when the writer uses a comma to join two independent clauses. Comma s donot join clauses, but words do. When using a comma, a connecting word such as a coordinatingconjunction is also required. Using a semicolon placed between independent clauses is also an option. On e way to test your writing is to read the text aloud; the place where the sentencesneed to be separated can often be heard. Examples: He failed the test he will have to take it again. Option 1: Connect two independent clauses with a comma plus a coordinating conjunction for, and ,nor, but, or, yet, so.

run on sentences and comma splice

In written English usage, a comma splice or comma fault [1] [2] is the use of a comma to join two independent clauses. For example:. It is nearly half past five, we cannot reach town before dark. The comma splice is sometimes used in literary writing to convey a particular mood of informality.

A comma splice is a common grammatical error in English. Writers most often make this mistake when they are trying to "write by ear. A comma splice is when two independent clauses are incorrectly joined by a comma to make one sentence. To avoid comma splices, you first need to be able to identify an independent clause.

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Worksheet 1 provides an explanation of comma splices, along with directions on correcting them. It includes eight sentences for students to work with. Worksheets 2 and 3 provide 16 exercises each , with ample space for students to write out the answers in complete sentences.

A run-on sentence occurs when two or more independent clauses also known as complete sentences are connected improperly. One common type of run-on sentence is a comma splice. A comma splice occurs when two independent clauses are joined with just a comma.

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Grammar: Run-On Sentences and Sentence Fragments


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strategies for correcting run-ons, comma splices, and fragments. Practice activities are included to help build skills in sentence clarity and variety. First, consider.


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Run-on is a general term given to a sentence which joins two or more independent clauses without proper punctuation. Fused. Sentences and Comma Splices are.


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