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Learn how to influence policy and become a leader in today's changing health care environment. Approximately expert contributors present a wide range of topics in policies and politics, providing a more complete background than can be found in any other policy textbook on the market. This expanded 8th edition helps you develop a global understanding of nursing leadership and political activism, as well as the complex business and financial issues that drive many actions in the health system.

Health care is always on the minds of the public, usually ranking among the top 3 concerns. Virtually all of the Democratic presidential candidates have discussed or will shortly detail health care proposals, whereas President Trump and the current administration recently expressed support for repealing the Affordable Care Act. With the presidential election just 18 months away, it is an opportune time to introduce a new health policy series in JAMA. While various proposals to improve US health care will certainly differ in content, they will all by necessity share a common theme—a focus on reducing health care costs.

Taking the Pulse of Health Care and Politics

The contentious passage of the Affordable Care Act in highlighted the incredible complexity and controversy surrounding health care in the United States. While the U. From important scientific and medical research funding to infectious disease control and health services for veterans and the elderly, the pathway to legislation and execution of health policies is filled with competing interests and highly varied solutions. The Guide to U. Health and Health Care Policy provides the analytical connections showing researchers how issues and actions are translated into public policies and institutions for resolving or managing healthcare issues and crises. Through 30 topical chapters, the book addresses the development of the U.

As another U. In recent elections, for better or worse, health care and its delivery has entered that realm. This is just one among a growing number of health care—related issues being tossed around the political arena, and health care is a top priority for the U. With so many health issues being politicized today, health care providers are finding themselves thrust into the tense world of politics and policy. ASH Clinical News recently spoke with several physicians about the overlap of health care and politics and the roles politics and public policy play both inside and outside of the exam room.

Taking the Pulse of Health Care and Politics

She studies the politics of poverty, racial inequality, and public policy in the United States. She received her PhD from the University of Chicago. In particular, the ACA underscores a critical tension between politics and policy in a racialized polity: even when policies are intended to target and address racial disparities, politics can undermine the steps necessary to do so. Close scrutiny of the ACA during its first decade reveals how race intersects with politics to render public policy less equitable and more vulnerable to erosion. Ultimately, this analysis points to the ways that racialized political processes are formidable barriers to equitable material outcomes.

McCartney formulated the idea for this study, wrote the protocol, was first reviewer, and drafted the article. Hearty was the second reviewer and provided substantive comments on the protocol. Arnot designed and performed the searches and loaded them into the covidence software. All authors provided substantive comments on the article and approved the final draft. Although there is a large literature examining the relationship between a wide range of political economy exposures and health outcomes, the extent to which the different aspects of political economy influence health, and through which mechanisms and in what contexts, is only partially understood. The areas in which there are few high-quality studies are also unclear. To systematically review the literature describing the impact of political economy on population health.

Vested policy interests are another voice commonly heard within political discourse. For example, the American Medical Association (AMA) is a.

Guide to U.S. Health and Health Care Policy

Aging has become a hot topic. Once relegated to the smaller rooms in conferences and hidden in the back pages of news articles, aging-related topics dominate policy and lifestyle discussions. The demographic bulge created by the Baby Boom generation—the roughly 76 million people born between and —has shaped American politics since this group came of age in the s.

Health Policy Topics

Health policy can be defined as the "decisions, plans, and actions that are undertaken to achieve specific healthcare goals within a society". There are many categories of health policies, including global health policy, public health policy, mental health policy, health care services policy, insurance policy , personal healthcare policy, pharmaceutical policy , and policies related to public health such as vaccination policy , tobacco control policy or breastfeeding promotion policy. They may cover topics of financing and delivery of healthcare, access to care, quality of care, and health equity.

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Impact of Political Economy on Population Health: A Systematic Review of Reviews

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Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care


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