neuroanatomy of social behaviour an evolutionary and psychoanalytic perspective pdf

Neuroanatomy Of Social Behaviour An Evolutionary And Psychoanalytic Perspective Pdf

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The Encyclopedia of Human Behavior, Second Edition is an award-winning three-volume reference on human action and reaction, and the thoughts, feelings, and physiological functions behind those actions. Presented alphabetically by title, articles probe both enduring and exciting new topics in physiological psychology, perception, personality, abnormal and clinical psychology, cognition and learning, social psychology, developmental psychology, language, and applied contexts.

Theory of Mind: Towards an Evolutionary Theory

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Choice and contingency in the development of behavioral autonomy during instrumental conditioning. Overshadowing of geometry learning by discrete landmarks in the water maze: Effects of relative salience and relative validity of competing cues.

Neuroanatomy of social behaviour: an evolutionary and psychoanalytic perspective RP Behrendt Routledge , The role of contextual conditioning in the effect of reinforcer devaluation on instrumental performance by rats S Jonkman, Y Kosaki, BJ Everitt, A Dickinson Behavioural processes 83 3 , , Conditioned social preference, but not place preference, produced by intranasal oxytocin in female mice.

Y Kosaki, S Watanabe Behavioral neuroscience 2 , , Within-compound associations explain potentiation and failure to overshadow learning based on geometry by discrete landmarks. Neuroscience research , , Asymmetry in the discrimination of length during spatial learning. Spontaneous object recognition memory is maintained following transformation of global geometric properties. Evidence for concrete but not abstract representation of length during spatial learning in rats. Impaired Pavlovian predictive learning between temporally phasic but not static events in autism-model strain mice Y Kosaki, S Watanabe Neurobiology of learning and memory , , Asymmetrical generalization of length in the rat.

Psychoanalysis in Focus

This book is for readers who are knowledgeable about the neurosciences and curious about brain mechanisms that produce normal and pathological social behaviour. It is a reference work that presents and reviews facts and recent findings that need to be accounted for within a coherent neuroanatomy and neurophysiology of social behaviour. Sign up to our newsletter and receive discounts and inspiration for your next reading experience. We a good story. Quick delivery in the UK.

Neuroanatomy of Social Behaviour - Ebook. - An Evolutionary and Psychoanalytic Perspective. by Ralf-Peter Behrendt · Ebook, pdf. For download.

Encyclopedia of Human Behavior

Theory of mind is an important mental faculty. However, despite almost half a century of research, we only have a limited understanding of its evolutionary past. The present article proposes a novel hypothesis on the origin of this unique human capacity. According to this hypothesis theory of mind descended from two, closely related, defensive reactions, namely tonic immobility and immobilization stress. Both reactions are conserved in many vertebrate species and are highly prevalent in immature individuals.

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This article highlights the evolutionary biological epistemology in Freud psychoanalytic theory. These biological roots of mental functioning, especially with regard to aggressive drive, have gradually faded away from psychoanalytic epistemology, as we show in this article.

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