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Criminology: its definition, nature and subfields

Generally, though somewhat crudely, thought of as a system for controlling agencies and individuals. A term that refers to the increasing use of risk assessment and other forms of calculation to manage offending populations. A term originally coined by Jock Young to capture a trend within criminology which focused on increasing the efficiency of the criminal justice system, particularly via situationally-based crime prevention. A particular style of criminal justice, which treats the process as a competition. In particular, in the criminal trial the defence and prosecution oppose each other, each seeking to establish the strength of their own case, or contradict or undermine the other. This approach is generally contrasted with what are described as inquisitorial criminal justice systems.

Chapter and page references in the following glossary of terms are to Thinking About Criminal Justice in Canada. Accountability: Being held responsible for the actions that lead to a crime. Youth are seen as less accountable than adults; their accountability is measured on the basis of the greater dependency of young persons and their lower level of maturity. Actus reus : The guilty act or external element of a criminal offence — that is, those actions and omissions that are prohibited by criminal law. If actus reus is proven beyond a reasonable doubt in combination with mens rea , an accused may be held criminally responsible for his or her conduct.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, there are many new terms that you will encounter. While we cannot provide all related terms here on this site, we have selected a few of the most important legal terms for you to know. The list is general in nature and is not intended as legal advice. Accessory Someone who intentionally helps another person commit a felony examples — giving advice before the crime, helping to conceal the evidence or the perpetrator. An accessory is usually not physically present during the crime. Accomplice Someone who helps another person known as the principal commit a crime.

Criminology: Theories, Patterns & Typologies Chapter 1/Crime and Criminology Glossary

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In federal anti-drug laws: the authorization of judicial representatives to seize all moneys, negotiable instruments, securities, or other things of value furnished or intended to be furnished by any person in exchange for a controlled substance, and all proceeds traceable to such an exchange. The term "atavism" is derived from the Latin term atavus, which means "ancestor". B behaviour theory an approach to understanding human activity which holds that behaviour is determined by consequences it produces for the individual. Another term for the death penalty. Cohort analysis usually begins at birth and traces the development of cohort members until they reach a certain age. See also Statistical correlation. Also, one who studies crime, criminals, and criminal behaviour.

Accountability The ways in which organizations and individuals are rendered answerable for their policies and day-to-day activities, exerted by internal and external mechanisms. Actuarial justice A term coined by Malcolm Feeley and Jonathan Simon to try to characterize a possible emerging aspect of criminal law and criminal justice. The term derives from? Actuarial justice thus suggests a form of justice based on calculation of risks, and the statistical use of past data to predict the likelihood of future events. Administrative criminology A form of practical policy-relevant criminology that focuses almost exclusively on the nature of the criminal event and the particular setting in which it occurs. Under this perspective, the offender is considered only as a? Aetiological crisis The majority of post-war criminology was predicated on the basis that poor social conditions caused crime.

The Dictionary covers terminology relating to crime and the criminal justice process as well definitions of terms as defined in the New York State Environmental Conservation Law, (The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act manual).

Dictionary of Criminology

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Criminology Pdf Notes

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Dictionary of Criminology


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