clat 2013 question paper and answer key pdf

Clat 2013 Question Paper And Answer Key Pdf

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Scope and coverage of questions under different subject areas:. The English section will test the candidate's proficiency in English based on comprehension passages and grammar. In the comprehension section, candidates will be assessed on their understanding of the passage and its central theme, meanings of words used therein, etc.

CLAT Question Paper 2013

Know the importance of solving question papers. Solving previous year papers lets you understand the difficulty level of questions. Download them and utilize them in your preparation. Also, attempt subject-wise free quizzes below to test your preparation levels. Last year, the Consortium changed the pattern of the exam. Hence, we have provided the previous year question papers for better preparation.

Get Started. Preparing for a competitive level exam is difficult due to various reasons. One of the best ways to know if your preparation is going in the right direction is - By taking tests. As many as possible. Take the topic test, section-wise test, and full-length tests. Aside from Mock tests or sample papers, Solving CLAT previous year papers is also a must when it comes to your preparation.

(Papers) Common Law Admission Test (CLAT)

Hello Aspirants, Hope you all are doing great with your studies. Subscribe to get notification and free study materials. Before we go deep with the information, let us first have a look at the Major Features of the Common Law Admission notification. Updated Soon. For registration related queries: Email-Id:- clat nls.

the website of Eptitude for CLAT question paper with solution. We have an extensive collection of CLAT previous years question papers with answers for​.

CLAT 2013 Question Paper With Solution

Directions for Questions 1 to Fill in the blank by choosing the most appropriate option. Directions for Questions 11 to The sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter.

Previous Year Papers

We will also answer a few frequently asked …. The official AIBE syllabus for …. Important : The question paper pattern has changed for the year

CLAT Question Paper

By referring to the answer key, candidates will be able to calculate their approximate AILET marks. In case the AILET answer key carries some discrepancies, the candidates will also have the option to raise their objections. For calculating the marks, candidates should refer to the marking scheme as given in the AILET exam pattern. Each correct answer will carry one mark. Meanwhile, 0. In case the answer key of AILET carries some incorrect answers, the candidates will have the option to raise objections. To file the objections, candidates will have to write an email containing the details regarding their objections and send it to ailetadmission nludelhi.

CLAT is an important exam paper for all Law applicable candidates which has to be given with full sincerity and preparations are to be done in best way possible. CLAT papers contain the questions some like given below-. Some idioms given below are commonly used. Choose the correct meaning for each of the idioms and shade the appropriate answer in the space provided for it on the OMR Answer Sheet. From which river would the National River Project be started? During the academic session , in Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, the number of students studying Arts, Law and Commerce was in the ratio of

Login Register. CLAT Free. Section: Verbal Ability Question 1 Read the given passage carefully and attempt the questions that follow. It is an old saying that knowledge is power. Education is an instrument, which imparts knowledge and therefore, indirectly controls power. Therefore ever since the dawn of our civilization, persons in power have always tried to supervise or control education.

Solved previous year question paper of CLAT exam , the The exam question paper and answer key is in PDF format and are free to.

CLAT 2013 solved question paper


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CLAT Question Paper will help the candidate improve there performance in the exam. Question Paper is available in the PDF format for.


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(c) Use 'confidently'. (d) Question tag 'is he' will be used, as the verb in the​.


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CLAT exam demands a systematic study plan, strategic problem solving, and to be well-versed with the


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