machine instructions and addressing modes in computer organization and architecture pdf

Machine Instructions And Addressing Modes In Computer Organization And Architecture Pdf

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Computer instructions are a set of machine language instructions that a particular processor understands and executes.

Before you go through this article, make sure that you have gone through the previous article on Addressing Modes.

Addressing mode

The objectives of this module is to understand the importance of the instruction set architecture, discuss the features that need to be considered when designing the instruction set architecture of a machine and look at an example ISA, MIPS. So the instruction set architecture is basically the interface between your hardware and the software. The only way that you can interact with the hardware is the instruction set of the processor. Unless you know the vocabulary and you have a very good vocabulary, you cannot gain good benefits out of the machine. ISA is the portion of the machine which is visible to either the assembly language programmer or a compiler writer or an application programmer. It is the only interface that you have, because the instruction set architecture is the specification of what the computer can do and the machine has to be fabricated in such a way that it will execute whatever has been specified in your ISA. The only way that you can talk to your machine is through the ISA.

Addressing Modes — The term addressing modes refers to the way in which the operand of an instruction is specified. The addressing mode specifies a rule for interpreting or modifying the address field of the instruction before the operand is actually executed. The memory addressing modes provide flexible access to memory, allowing you to easily access variables, arrays, records, pointers, and other complex data types. The key to good assembly language programming is the proper use of memory addressing modes. The memory address of an operand consists of two components:. According to different ways of specifying an operand by microprocessor, different addressing modes are used by Useful for stepping through arrays in a loop.

A binary code used for specifying micro-operations for the computer. Collection of instructions. Each instruction has a unique bit pattern, but for human beings, a corresponding symbolic representation has been defined. Instruction cycle consists of the following phases. An instruction consists of bits and these bits are grouped up to make fields. Some fields in instruction format are as follows. Some common types are: Three address instruction format, Two address instruction format, One address instruction format, and Zero address instruction format.

Computer Instructions

Machine Instructions are commands or programs written in machine code of a machine computer that it can recognize and execute. Each instruction performs a very specific task, such as a load, a jump, or an ALU operation on a unit of data in a CPU register or memory. Every program directly executed by a CPU is made up of a series of such instructions. Data transfer instructions — move, load exchange, input, output. Control transfer instructions — conditional, unconditional, call subroutine and return from subroutine. In the above sequence, R0 to R8 are general purpose registers. In the instructions shown, the first register stores the result of the operation performed on the second and the third registers.

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Computer Organization and Architecture. Instruction Set Can have limited range in machines with fixed A great many immediate mode instructions use.

Machine Instructions and Addressing Modes Study Notes

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Adressing Modes and Instruction Cycle

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Also, one or more bits in the instruction format can be used as a mode field. The value of the mode field determines which addressing mode is to be used. RELATIVE ADDRESSING For relative addressing, also called PC-relative addressing, memory size, memory organization, bus structure, processor complexity, and.



A processor has 16 integer registers R0, R1,..



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PC Relative Addressing Mode: This addressing mode is used to access the instruction within the segment, therefore only one offset address is required. · Base.


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Addressing modes are an aspect of the instruction set architecture in most central processing unit CPU designs.


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The operation field of an instruction specifies the operation to be performed.


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