insects are more in air during wet and dry season pdf

Insects Are More In Air During Wet And Dry Season Pdf

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Fog is a visible aerosol consisting of tiny water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the air at or near the Earth 's surface.

Diversity, dynamics, direction, and magnitude of high-altitude migrating insects in the Sahel

The dynamics of crop diseases and pest influx are changing rapidly due to changing climate. Managing them has, therefore, become a huge challenge. The rising levels of CO 2 and temperatures are having direct effect on pests and diseases in crops. But will the overall effect be negative or positive? This is a question yet to be answered. Elevated CO2 can increase levels of simple sugars in leaves and lower their nitrogen content.

A wetland is an area of land that is either covered by water or saturate d with water. The water is often groundwater , seep ing up from an aquifer or spring. Seawater can also create wetlands, especially in coastal areas that experience strong tide s. A wetland is entirely covered by water at least part of the year. The depth and duration of this seasonal flooding varies. Wetlands are transition zone s. They are neither totally dry land nor totally underwater; they have characteristics of both.

How to Manage Pests

Bed bugs have made a major comeback in the U. The rebound in recent years was probably due to multiple factors, including less potent insecticides, global travel, and a loss of vigilance practiced in years past. Whatever the reasons, bed bugs are again part of everyday life, with infestations common in homes, apartments, hotels, dormitories, schools and shelters. They also occur in hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, theaters, offices, municipal buildings, and on public transportation— wherever there are people there can be bed bugs. Bed bugs are small, brownish insects that feed solely on the blood of animals. It has done so since ancient times; bed bugs are mentioned in medieval European texts and classical Greek writings back to the time of Aristotle. Their coloration is similar to an apple seed although their size is closer to a lentil.

Greenhouse thrips larvae yellow with black pupae and adult of the Thripobius parasitic wasp. Thrips, order Thysanoptera, are tiny, slender insects with fringed wings. They feed by puncturing the epidermal outer layer of host tissue and sucking out the cell contents, which results in stippling, discolored flecking, or silvering of the leaf surface. Thrips feeding is usually accompanied by black varnishlike flecks of frass excrement. Pest species are plant feeders that discolor and scar leaf, flower, and fruit surfaces, and distort plant parts or vector plant pathogens.

Pests of Foliage & Flowering Plants

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The most common pests of foliage and flowering plants are spider mites, mealy bugs, fungus gnats, whitefly and aphids. The use of plant material for outdoor as well as indoor decoration exposes them to all manner of garden pests, such as caterpillars, slugs, snails and thrips, many of which thrive once the plants are moved back indoors. For this reason, plants which are being moved from decks, patios, etc.

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Pests in Gardens and Landscapes

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The present study aims to assess entomofauna biodiversity at three saline wetlands, located in Setif region, Northeastern Algeria.


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