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Vernon J. Explorations in Ethnic Studies 1 July ; 17 2 : —

Alvin W. Rose, Race and Culture. By Robert Ezra Park. Glencoe: The Free Press,

Robert E. Park

The Racial and Ethnic Minorities Division of SSSP is a collective of scholars, activists, and concerned individuals who recognize that we continue to live in a society in which racial inequality, segregation, discrimination, and systematic racism function both tacitly and overtly. In our current political climate, we are witnessing an increase in hate groups and violence against people of color. We are also seeing the rise of anti-racist and anti-zenophobic social movements at the local, national and international level. Therefore, we need to work to dismantle the structures that uphold white supremacy in the United States and support the political actors and organizations invested in creating equitable racial futures. Accordingly, in a world in which the multifarious manifestations of racism are often minimized or ignored, we believe it is a moral and scholarly responsibility to remain vigilant in our quest to study, understand, and make visible the latent and hidden operations, mechanisms, and effects of racism and to speak out against it. Our collective goals revolve around gaining higher levels of inter- and intra-racial understanding, substantive cooperation, and intimate camaraderie toward dismantling racial inequality and injustice. We utilize various sociological models to address racial and ethnic inequality and injustice at all levels, investigating governmental policies, practices of social institutions, representations through media and culture, and individual and group interactions.

In he earned a Ph. In , Park entered Harvard University to study psychology and philosophy, earning an M. In , Park traveled to Germany where he studied at the University of Berlin. He spent a semester studying at the University of Strasbourg, followed by a few years spent at the University of Heidelberg studying philosophy and psychology. Following his return to the United States, Park spent two years at Harvard University , lecturing in Philosophy. From , Park worked with the Tuskegee Institute, first as publicist and later as director of public relations of the institute. After Tuskegee, Park moved to Chicago in where he initially served initially as a lecturer in sociology , followed by appointment as a full professor of sociology in

Gary Y. Imperialism, both discursive and material, extended European rule over space-time, land and water, and peoples. Those impositions of order were exertions of power to establish rule and subjection. Sign In or Create an Account. Advanced Search.

Robert E. Park

This paper was originally presented at the annual meeting of the Social Science History Association, Chicago 18 November Its current form has been much improved by the very helpful suggestions by Claude Grasland, Editor of Cybergeo, and those of the anonymous referees. The faults that remain are of course my own responsibility. Extensively used today in studies of ethnic, class, gender, status, and many other kinds of relations, social distance is most often measured according to the Bogardus Social Distance Scale, or some modification of it. A search of Sociological Abstracts conducted in yielded more than studies of "social distance" published since alone. A representative list of titles from this search is given in the Appendix.

A term synonymous with acculturation, used to describe the process by which an outsider, immigrant, or subordinate group becomes indistinguishably integrated into the dominant host society. In early American studies of race relations such as those of Access to the complete content on Oxford Reference requires a subscription or purchase.

Robert Ezra Park February 14, — February 7, was an American urban sociologist who is considered to be one of the most influential figures in early U. Park was a pioneer in the field of sociology, changing it from a passive philosophical discipline to an active discipline rooted in the study of human behavior. He made significant contributions to the study of urban communities, race relations and the development of empirically grounded research methods, most notably participant observation.

Related to: Cad. CRH ;23 58 : 0. This paper is part of the theoretical concerns of the author on the reception of the "Chicago School" in Brazil. It analyzes the passage of Robert Park in the late '30s in Bahia, his motivations and the effects on international social sciences.

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