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For the past couple years, James Franco has racked up a fair share of headlines for his seemingly impossible roster of careers and hobbies. Somehow, in addition to being a full-time actor, Franco has managed to publish novels , teach college classes, fill galleries with artwork, and learn to fly an airplane. I am also bad at doing things half way, so that meant I was pouring out my energy all over the place.

Of all the bad Hollywood movies containing such qualities, why is The Room still selling-out midnight screenings to largely responsive crowds? Now, I must say that as a huge Franco fan, my opinion on his creative works is a little biased.

Then there are the truly, truly, truly god-awful movies — i. Did the cast and crew working on this project realize this was going to sink faster than the Titanic? James Franco had these thoughts about a horror oddity called The Room.

A Disaster Artist, But an Artist Nonetheless

General Cinema had it after Loew's left in When they headed into bankruptcy in late , Seattle-based Sterling Recreation Organization bought some of their assets, including the lease on the Crest. In SRO gave it a renovation, equipped the theatre for 70mm presentations, and renamed it the Metro. They soon went back to the Crest name calling it Pacific's Crest. In and Pacific, in partnership with Disney, did a renovation designed by Joe Musil. The auditorium was reconfigured, the screen was brought forward, new proscenium and sidewall treatments were devised and a gussied-up marquee and facade were designed.

All of the current decor is from that remodel. Musil later worked with Pacific and Disney on the re-do of the El Capitan. Theatre explorer Steve Gerdes notes that the neon array up the tower was mentioned in a January 5, L.

Times article. They credited the design to Raul Rodriguez, a veteran of 30 years work designing Rose Parade floats. It's also been known as the Westwood Theatre and the Westwood Crest. It was renamed the Majestic Crest when it was operated as an independent by Robert Bucksbaum from to Bucksbaum put it on the market in Well, except for the stage, curtains and concession stand, that is.

Also see a Times article " Indie filmmaker Bigfoot.. Bigfoot is a major shareholder in Carmike Theatres. It was their only California site. They were advertising it as the Bigfoot Crest.

The theatre was upgraded in late with digital projection and 3-D capability. Carmike closed the Crest in early October and Bigfoot put it up for sale in December In it was resurrected from the dead with a program of revivals and special events. Curbed L. Bigfoot still owned the property but a new team including some of the old players got a lease. They were doing revivals, HD screenings of opera and ballet, and special events.

The theatre closed again the end of when the group's lease was up. They still have a website, CrestWestwood. A post on the Facebook page noted: "Alas, our lease ended and the owner is in charge.

We had fun bringing the Crest back to life and programming with the community, and trust good things ahead for the Crest! In the "for sale" signs came off the marquee and the listing on Loopnet noted that it was "off market. There had been several interested parties including with the Actors Hall of Fame but deals had fallen through. See some details at the top of the page. The Crest in the Movies:.

Post a Comment. After a renovation, they anticipate a reopening. It's a project funded by Nimoy's widow, Susan Bay Nimoy, as well as a large donation from an anonymous source.

Projected uses include theatre events, music, lectures, film and experimental programming. Times article " Westwood's Crest Theatre to be reborn.. Thanks to Joe Pinney and Michelle Gerdes for spotting several of the stories.

The theatre had been on the market this time around for almost two years. A July L. Times article discussing the acquisition of the Lippert houses by ElectroVision. A listing in the Times of the ElectroVision theatres. Many of the theatres listed were formerly operated by Fanchon and Marco's Southside Theatres chain. Thanks to Ken McIntyre for locating the Times items.

The theatre was later operated by Fred Stein's Statewide Theatres. Loew's had it in the late 60s and early 70s calling it the Loew's Crest. A ad during the Loew's era. Thanks to Ken McIntyre for locating it. A view of the bar. Thanks to Mark Peacock for his photo. Also see his Vintage Theatres photo set on Flickr. The Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation is actively involved in the study and preservation of the vintage theatres in the L.

The group frequently supports events and offers tours of various historic theatres. Looking along the bar. Photo: Bill Counter - A left sidewall view. The proscenium and screen were originally farther toward the back wall. A look across to the the Pantages on the house left wall.

It's a Franck Bohbot photo, part of his stunning Cinema Series of 36 mostly California movie palace photos. Bohbot's photos of the Crest and other California theatres also appear on a post on Messynessy Chic. Thanks to Franck Bohbot for this photo from the rear of the auditorium. In addition to being on the Cinema Series of his website FranckBohbot.

The house left front exit. Another proscenium view. A booth view by Pamela Smith that appeared on the Crest Facebook page. The theatre kept film capability after the installation of a Christie digital unit. It's over there behind the XL.

The reflection you're seeing is from the platter. A look farther left with a view of the Christie digital unit beyond the Simplex XL. It's another photo by Pamela Smith from the Crest Facebook page. See the Projection Booth set for 10 more.

And there are more great views in the Crest's other Facebook albums. The Christie projector was replaced with a 4K Sony unit in A few more exterior views:. Photo: Ken McIntyre. Thanks, Ken!

Thanks to Pamela Smith for the photo on the Crest Facebook page. It's a photo that once appeared on the Crest Facebook page. The theatre closed at the end of Not even a "for sale" sign on the marquee. Photo: Bill Counter. We're looking east toward Century City with the theatre in the center.

The south side of the building. The mechanical room at the left and, at the center, what appears to be a two-part enclosure that held the original speaker system. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

A Disaster Artist, But an Artist Nonetheless

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How Learning to Surf Made James Franco Better at Everything

Of all the bad Hollywood movies containing such qualities, why is The Room still selling-out midnight screenings to largely responsive crowds? Now, I must say that as a huge Franco fan, my opinion on his creative works is a little biased. That being said, The Disaster Artist is absolutely brilliant. The movie portrays Tommy Wiseau as an Ed Wood-like character, who, after facing years of rejection within the film industry, takes matters into his own hands — he writes, directs, produces, and stars in a full-length feature of his own. Tommy Wiseau is a disaster artist — his work is chaotic, flawed, and perceived in complete opposite of its intentions.

General Cinema had it after Loew's left in

The Wilson Beacon

William Wright November 17, Tommy Wiseau, the writer, director, producer and star of The Room is quite possibly the most enigmatic and absurd celebrity in existence. He claims to be an American with no further explanation. His is known for his highly eccentric character, an unplaceable accent and an innumerable amount of money used to fund The Room with absolutely no explicit origin. I was given the chance to attend a press preview of the film through a friend of mine a month before its release. Rogan and Franco, notorious for crude and outrageous comedies, delve right into the intrigue of the cultural phenomenon as a biopic, taking time to explore the story instead of losing plot to laughs.

Sestero details the troubled development and production of the cult film The Room , his own struggles as a young actor, and his relationship with The Room director Tommy Wiseau. A film adaptation of the same name was released in , directed by and starring James Franco as Wiseau and his brother Dave Franco as Sestero. Sestero is at first perplexed by Wiseau's over-the-top acting technique, his unusual physical appearance, his mysterious accent and his eccentric behavior, which includes a fascination with American culture and a refusal to discuss his past. At the same time, Sestero admires Wiseau's boldness and his genuine enthusiasm for both life and acting. The two form an odd but affectionate bond as Sestero begins to learn of the many contradictions of Wiseau's personality. Sestero signs with talent agent Iris Burton ; as he slowly accrues more acting credits and makes other friends, Wiseau grows jealous, schemes to earn similar acknowledgement such as earning an SAG card by producing and starring in a commercial for a company he himself owned , and threatens to evict him from the Los Angeles apartment he is loaning to him, leading Sestero to become uncomfortable with their relationship. After viewing The Talented Mr.


Nana Fischer

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How Learning to Surf Made James Franco Better at Everything

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