government performance and results act of 1993 pdf

Government Performance And Results Act Of 1993 Pdf

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Updated March 17, Welcome to our Managing for Results web page.

James R. Because Congress intends to base budget decisions on agencies' reports of performance in achieving outcomes, the GPRA will affect the operations of social services programs. This article outlines the intent and content of the GPRA.

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Government Performance and Results Act

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Government Performance and Results Act of 1993; Revised Strategic Plan

Effective performance management helps the federal government improve outcomes in areas like education, healthcare, housing, and national security. The federal government faces significant financial , management , and performance challenges as it tries to effectively implement programs and deliver services. Congress and the Executive Branch developed a framework that provides important tools to help address these challenges. This framework aims to focus federal efforts on long-term results. The links below cover the major pieces of this federal performance management framework. Each link describes requirements and related leading practices. Press Center Careers Blog.

Government Customer Service Policies & Requirements: 1993 to Present

The Government Performance and Results Act GPRA requires each federal department to prepare three reports: 1 a strategic plan setting forth its broad mission and goals; 2 a performance plan listing its specific goals and indicators to measure the achievement of those goals, with a linkage to its budget; and, 3 a performance report on whether its goals were met and at what cost. All links lead directly to the plans. Contact names and numbers are for ordering print versions of the plans unless otherwise noted. Listings with a next to them are in.

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Getting the most bang for the taxpayer buck by bolstering federal agency accountability continues to be a political theme in the 21st century. This article reports the results of empirical research diagnosing the implementation issues in GPRA requirements. This research reports on the efficacy of this process from the perspectives of agency representatives. This research suggests that the potential for alignment of key management systems is suspect given that institutionalization has not occurred after nearly five years of reform efforts. Reporting on federal agency efforts provides insight into barriers to and opportunities for improving GPRA implementation processes.


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The GPRA requires agencies to engage in performance management tasks such as setting goals, measuring results, and reporting their progress.



This Act may be cited as the ''Government Performance and. Results Act of ''. SEC. 2. FINDINGS AND PURPOSES. (a) FINDINGS.—The Congress finds.


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