accord on fire and building safety in bangladesh pdf

Accord On Fire And Building Safety In Bangladesh Pdf

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The Accord is an independent, legally binding agreement between brands and trade unions to work towards a safe and healthy garment and textile industry in Bangladesh.

Accord on “Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh”: A Breakthrough Agreement?

The proliferation of multistakeholder initiatives MSIs over the past years has sparked an intense debate on the political role of corporations in the governance of global business conduct. To gain a better understanding of corporate political behavior in multistakeholder governance, this article investigates how firms construct a political identity when participating in MSIs. Employing a qualitative, inductive theory-building method, we analyze interviews and archival data to develop a framework that elucidates how companies construct their PCSRIs within a continuum ranging from conservative to progressive. We show that constructing a PCSRI involves enacting specific, yet interrelated, political strategies that are themselves shaped by several forces over time. This article contributes to the literature by providing a political perspective on organizational identity construction that extends the emerging integrative perspective in political corporate social responsibility PCSR research. We suggest that MSIs should be conceptualized as inherently political governance mechanisms that are driven by multidirectional and dynamic political processes of identity construction. Our study shows that corporate political engagement in MSIs is a more nuanced and complex phenomenon than presently theorized.

These are the core obsessions that drive our newsroom—defining topics of seismic importance to the global economy. Our emails are made to shine in your inbox, with something fresh every morning, afternoon, and weekend. The factory collapse at Rana Plaza was among the worst industrial accidents in history. But five years later, this coalition, the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, is on the verge of being pushed out of the country it was created to serve. In May, a high court in Bangladesh ordered the Accord as it is generally known to cease its work in the country by Nov.

The ‘Accord for Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh’in Response to the Rana Plaza Disaster

We remain committed to the Accord, the CSR initiative whose mission is to protect and foster ongoing progress in health and safety protection at garment factories in Bangladesh. In , we also signed the Transition Accord, playing an active role in the direction being taken by country's garment industry. Most recently, in January , we participated in the signing of a Transition Agreement and agreeing of the articles of association for the RMG Sustainability Council RSC , a national supply chain initiative uniting industry, brands and trade unions to ensure a sustainable solution to carry forward the significant accomplishments made on workplace safety in Bangladesh. Our early decision to formalise our alliance with the unions under the scope of the Accord in encouraged roughly another international firms to sign up. Following the initial inspection of over 1, factories, the first factories complied with their safety recommendations in The various factories, signatory brands, union organisations and other stakeholders continue to collaborate actively to achieve the targets set and tackle the need to further improve working conditions across global supply chains. Following the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Dhaka, which killed over 1, people and injured another 2,, transformation of the Bangladesh garment industry has accelerated.

It is a five-year independent, legally binding agreement between global brands and retailers and trade unions designed to build a safe and healthy Bangladeshi Ready Made Garment RMG Industry. The agreement was created in the immediate aftermath of the Rana Plaza building collapse that led to the death of more than people and injured more than In June , an implementation plan was agreed leading to the incorporation of the Bangladesh Accord Foundation in the Netherlands in October The agreement is an example of project-oriented multistakeholder governance. In addition to schemes of building inspection and enforcement of fire and safety standards the accord requires that contracts by international retailers with Bangladesh manufacturers provide for compensation adequate to maintain safe buildings. Retailers agree to continue to support the Bangladesh textile industry despite possible higher costs.

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh the Accord is generally seen as a positive development in ensuring that Bangladeshi garment industry workers have access to safe working conditions. A central structural difference between the Accord and earlier corporate social responsibility CSR initiatives is that the Accord takes the form of an enforceable contract that directly connects first-world buyers with representatives of the third-world laborers of their supply chains. Traditionally, CSR mechanisms tread a fine line between a promise of decent labor conditions, often targeted at first-world consumers, and the nonbinding nature of such mechanisms, at least from the perspective of third-world laborers. The chief competitor of the Accord, the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety the Alliance , follows the traditional model. Thus the Accord represents a break from earlier nonbinding and worker-exclusive CSR by providing a new paradigm stressing enforceability and inclusivity.

available at [hereinafter Accord]. 8 See FAQs,. ACCORD ON FIRE. &. BUILDING.

Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

The security of factory buildings in Pakistan is often inadequate. In the worst case, earthquakes and structural defects can lead to collapses and unsafe electrical systems to fires. This initial situation is reminiscent of Bangladesh, where the "Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety" was launched in following the devastating collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in order to make substantial progress in building safety and fire protection.

The international project to fix Bangladesh’s garment industry may end in a whimper

Items in EconStor are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Safety and labour conditions: The accord and the national tripartite plan of action for the garment industry of Bangladesh.

The challengers to the Accord

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