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Sleeve and Cotter Joint Modelling in Auto CAD

Module 5. Key, cotter joints and pin joints. A key is employed to connect two pieces, like shaft and a gear, in such a way that there is no relative rotational movement between the shaft and the parts mounted on it. Key is always made of steel because it is subjected to shearing and torsional stresses.

It is inserted in the axial direction between the shaft and the boss or hub of the mating piece. A keyway is the groove cut in the shaft as well as in the hub, to accommodate the key. Keys may be classified as follows:. A taper key joint prevents relative rotational as well as axial movement between the two pieces. The types of taper keys are; 1 Sunk taper key, which is a standard form of key and may be either of square or rectangular cross-section.

Half part of its nominal thickness is sunk in the shaft key way and the remaining half portion fits in the keyway inside the hub or boss of the mating piece.

The depth of the keyway is tapering in the hub but uniform inside the shaft fig. A hollow saddle key has its underside hollow to fit the curved surface of the shaft. A flat saddle key inserted on a flat surface provided on the shaft. Woodruf key : This is a sunk key in the form of a segmental part of a circular disc having uniform thickness. It is inserted into a corresponding form of a circular keyway cut in the shaft so that the some portion projects outside. This projecting part fits in a keyway inside the mating piece of the comparatively greater depth of the keyway cut in it.

Once placed in position, the key tilts align it self on the tapered shaft. Cotter Joints :. A cotter is a flat wedge-shaped piece of rectangular cross section and made of steel. It is used to connect two rods rigidly subjected to compressive or tensile forces and is inserted at 90 0 to the axes of the rods. It is tapering in width, generally on one side only but uniform in thickness.

The bearing edge of the cotter and the bearing slots are generally made semicircular. This joint is not suitable for connecting the rotating members. The most commonly used types of cotter joints are; i Cotter joint with Socket and spigot end fig.

A cotter is driven tightly through the slots in the rods which are kept slightly mis aligned. The cotter comes in contact with the two rods on opposite sides and leaves clearances on both sides. Clearances are absolutely required for proper functioning of the joint. The ends of the two rods are inserted from opposite sides in a cylindrical sleeve or steel box.

Two cotters are inserted through the slots on each rod end. The slots in the rods and sleeve are made slightly wider than the width of cotter. Pin-Joint or Knuckle Joint:.

The joint is used for rods whose axes intersect i. It is employed in tension or compression. The joint permits angular movement between the rods there fore it is not rigid. One end of a rod is formed in a single-eye end and is placed within a double-eye end or forked end of the other rod fig. A cylindrical pin is inserted through holes of single and double eye.

The pin is kept in position by means of a collar and a taper pin. The rods are quite free to swivel on the cylindrical pin. Site news. Lesson It is a sunk key of uniform width and thickness. It may be of various cross sections like rectangular, square or dove-tail. This key may be secured to either the shaft by means of two cap-screws, having countersunk heads or the mating piece and free to slide in the keyways in the shaft.

These keys are also classified as peg feather key, single headed and double headed feather key. Skip Navigation. You are currently using guest access Log in.

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A Knuckle Joint is used for the application of the Tie rod joint of jib crane or Tension link in the structure of the bridge. In this article, I am going to present a detailed explanation of the design procedure for Knuckle Joint and Cotter Joint. When there is a requirement of an angular moment or a small amount of flexibility, the Knuckle joint is used. There is a single eye at one end of the rod and Double-eye on the end of another rod which is also called Fork End. Both, Single eye and Double-eye Fork End are connected employing a Knuckle pin inserted through the eye. One end of the knuckle pin has a head section and the other end is tapered along with a hole on its surface for the insertion of Taper pin after assembly as shown in the above figure. The cross-section at the ends of the rod are of octagonal and is designed for the purpose of Gripping.

A mechanical joint is a section of a machine which is used to connect one or more mechanical part to another. Mechanical joints may be temporary or permanent, most types are designed to be disassembled. Most mechanical joints are designed to allow relative movement of these mechanical parts of the machine in one degree of freedom , and restrict movement in one or more others. A pin joint, also called a revolute joint, is a one- degree-of-freedom kinematic pair. It constrains the motion of two bodies to pure rotation along a common axis. The joint doesn't allow translation, or sliding linear motion. This is usually done through a rotary bearing.

Following are the three commonly used cotter joints to connect two rods by a cotter: 1. Socket and spigot cotter joint, 2. Sleeve and cotter joint, and 3. Gib and​.


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Sleeve And Cotter Joint

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