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Oxidative stress and neuroinflammatory process are implicated in pathophysiology of epilepsy as well as epileptogenesis.

Volume 8, Number 6, June , pages Background: The medical care of severe motor and intellectual disabilities SMID depends on the empirical medical care. Epileptic seizure specific to SMID is difficult to suppress using anti-epileptic drugs, and its tendency to persist for long periods poses an issue.

Targeting Oxidative Stress Component in the Therapeutics of Epilepsy

So, All of authors and contributors must check their papers before submission to making assurance of following our anti-plagiarism policies. Background: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder of brain. Oxidative stress may contribute to seizures noticed in epilepsy. The present study was taken to relate the oxidative stress role in epilepsy and also possible mechanism which may lead to further seizures and finally neuronal death noticed in Epilepsy.

Aims and objectives: A total of patients and cases were taken in the study. All patients were diagnosed as epileptic by neurologist.

Continuous variable with a normal distribution were expressed as means with Standard error of mean. The categorical variables were expressed as numbers with percentage. All statistical analysis was performed by using SPSS Conclusion: study reports increased oxidative stress OS and decreased antioxidant status, suggesting that OS has relation with seizure generation and pathophysiology of epilepsy. Treatment of Epilepsy with antioxidants, along with anti-epileptic drugs AEDs may help to scavenge the excessive free radicals generation in epilepsy.

Why Us? Relation of oxidative stress and seizures in epilepsy Author:. Subject Area:. PDF file:. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Invited for research articles. Luai Farhan Zghair. Firuza M. Faraz Ahmed Farooqi. Eric Randy Reyes Politud. Elsadig Gasoom FadelAlla Elbashir. Eapen, Asha Sarah. Arun Kumar A. Zafar Iqbal. Ruchika Khanna. Rasha Ali Eldeeb. Pralhad Kanhaiyalal Rahangdale. Nicolas Padilla- Raygoza. Mustafa Y. Muhammad shoaib Ahmedani. Lim Gee Nee.

Jatinder Pal Singh Chawla. Devendra kumar Gupta. Ali Seidi. Achmad Choerudin. Dr Ashok Kumar Verma. Muhammad Akram. Imran Azad. Meenakshi Malik. Aseel Hadi Hamzah. Amir Hossain. Mirzadi Gohari. All rights reserved.

Oxidative Stress and Epilepsy: Literature Review

In a state of oxidative stress, they trigger a cascade of events leading to epileptogenesis. During this latent, free of seizures period, a cascade of neurological changes takes place and finally leads to spontaneous recurrent seizures. The main processes involved in seizure generation are: neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration with anomalous neuroregeneration and lowering seizure threshold. Time of epileptogenesis offers a unique therapeutic window to prevent or at least attenuate seizure development. Animal data indicate that some antioxidants for instance, resveratrol may bear an anti-epileptogenic potential. In both experimental and clinical conditions, antiseizure drugs ASDs were generally found disappointing in the aspect of neuroprotection and prevention of epileptogenesis [ 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 ].

Oxidative stress appears when prooxidant-antioxidant balance is altered in the direction of the former, causing neuronal cell death and dysfunction, so resulting in oxidative damage lending to disease pathogenesis. Oxidative stress is known to act a part in mitochondrial dysfunction and brain damage associated with epileptic seizures. In recent studies it is implied that epileptic status alters the redox potential and diminishes ATP levels creating a break down in brain energy production and a damage to cellular targets such as protein, lipids and DNA is seen following persistent seizures. Thus a consecutive cell damage emerges after persistent seizures with an increase in mitochondrial oxidative stress status in epilepsy patients. Brain tumours typically cause epileptic seizures. The life quality of patients with brain tumors having epileptic seizures are seriously effected owing to the factors not being clear and the problems confronted in the treatment.

Epilepsy is a highly prevalent serious brain disorder, and oxidative stress is regarded as a possible mechanism involved in epileptogenesis. Experimental.

Status epilepticus: Using antioxidant agents as alternative therapies (Review)

The production of free radicals has a role in the regulation of biological function, cellular damage, and the pathogenesis of central nervous system conditions. Epilepsy is a highly prevalent serious brain disorder, and oxidative stress is regarded as a possible mechanism involved in epileptogenesis. Experimental studies suggest that oxidative stress is a contributing factor to the onset and evolution of epilepsy.

Prasad , Neelaveni Thangavel Affiliation:. DOI : The role of free radical-mediated reactions in human neuropathology continues to attract significant interest. Oxidative injury produced by free radicals may play a role in the initiation and progression of epilepsy and, therapies aimed at reducing oxidative stress may ameliorate tissue damage and favorably alter the clinical course. The prevalence of epilepsy increases with age, and mitochondrial oxidative stress is a leading mechanism of aging and age-related degenerative disease, signifying a further involvement of mitochondrial dysfunction in seizure generation.

Epilepsy is a group of different types of disorders that share an abnormally increased tendency to cause convulsive seizures 1. Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disorder characterized by abnormal organization of neuronal electrical activity leading to alterations in a neuronal population, which manifests in seizures, behavioral changes or impaired neuronal activity 1 — 4. The incidence of this neurological disease is high in children, stable in adults and increases in the final decades of life 7 —

Relation of oxidative stress and seizures in epilepsy


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Oxidative Stress and Epilepsy: Literature Review

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Role of oxidative stress in epileptogenesis and potential implications for therapy

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