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Love And Revenge In Wuthering Heights Pdf

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Wuthering Heights

The characters in Wuthering Heights are enmeshed in a tangle of passionate sexual and familial relationships, many of them violent in nature. What is the relationship between love and revenge in the novel? Love preoccupies nearly all of the characters in Wuthering Heights. The quest for it motivates their actions and controls the development of the plot. Heathcliff, the character at the heart of the novel, is the most impassioned lover. But if love drives him, the desire for revenge drives him equally. While Heathcliff is perhaps best known for his love for Catherine, it is his vengefulness that truly makes him memorable, in part because that vengefulness produces such intense and mixed responses in us.

Wuthering Heights Themes

The novel, which features an unusually intricate plot, traces the effects that unbridled hate and love have on two families through three generations. Ellen Dean, who serves both families, tells Mr. Her narrative weaves the four parts of the novel, all dealing with the fate of the two families, into the core story of Catherine and Heathcliff. The two lovers manipulate various members of both families simply to inspire and torment each other in life and death. Heathcliff dominates the novel. Ruthless and tyrannical, he represents a new kind of man, free of all restraints and dedicated totally to the satisfaction of his deepest desires no matter what the cost to others or himself.

What is the relationship between love and revenge in the novel? Love preoccupies nearly all of the characters in Wuthering Heights. The quest for it motivates.

Wuthering Heights

Theme is a pervasive idea presented in a literary piece. Themes in Wuthering Height are masterpieces by Emily Bronte that apply to every era. The present dilemma of good and evil and demonstrates the dark sides of human nature. Some of the major themes in Wuthering Heights have been discussed below. Theological conceptions of good and evil are the major theme of the novel.

The Prologue does not merely set the scene of conflict wuthering heights essay Romeo and Juliet, it tells the audience exactly what is going to. In the novel the setting and weather mirror the mood of some of the characters, their actions and the atmosphere.

Thematic Analysis of Love and Revenge in Bronte’s Wuthering Heights

Book: Wuthering Heights. Revenge is the poisonous sentiment which drives all human beings to commit injustice upon those who have done so upon them. This desire is one that all people feel and are susceptible to.

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. In the novel, Whuthering Heights, Emily Bronte has created one of the most controversial novel in the 19th century. Bronte has written a novel that contains many views of complex ideas. Revenge and love revenge are examples of such. The main theme of revenge is protared through the character of Heathcliff. Heathcliff is also part of the theme of love accompanied by that of Cathy. The other half of the love theme is shown throught the actions of Hearton and Catherine.

What is it about this passionate tale of love and revenge in the Yorkshire moors that inflames the imaginations of so many readers? Whatever our souls are made out of, his and mine are the same. Perhaps the most famous of all Wuthering Heights quotes, this snippet from Chapter 9 has Catherine expressing her deepest feelings for Heathcliff to the housekeeper Nelly Dean. Both of these novels show in vivid detail the violent consequences of unbounded emotions—and yet, ironically, they are both are staples of Romantic literature! This is yet another quote from Chapter 9 where Catherine tells Nelly about her feelings for both Heathcliff and Edgar. Catherine admits that her love for Edgar will most likely ebb and flow, but her love for Heathcliff will remain for all eternity. Some might argue one reason Catherine marries Edgar is because she unconsciously fears what she believes Heathcliff represents in her own psyche.

21 of the Best Wuthering Heights Quotes

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This is the brief story of Wuthering Heights. As the story of both love and revenge, the novel deals with the love story of Heathcliff and Catherine. But it is also the.



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Keywords: love, hatred, revenge. Abstract: Wuthering Heights, written by Emily Bronte, mainly focuses on the love story between. Heathcliff and Catherine.


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The theme of revenge grows from the treatment Heathcliff recieves from is Hindley. His prime motivation is love, or to be more precise the lack of love. He decides.


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