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With a Google Account, you get 15 GB of storage for free. Storage is used by Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos, so you can store files, save your email attachments, and back up photos and videos. For more than 15 GB, you can upgrade to Google One. No matter what type of file it is, everything can be stored safely in Drive. Files in Drive are private, until you decide to share them. You can quickly invite others to view, comment and edit any file or folder that you choose. It's online collaboration made easy.

ABB drives in cement 9 Applications Mills In cement production, mills are process critical Reliable and precise control has a high impact on production throughput and operating costs Controlling them with variable speed drives results in the following benefits Optimized plant production. Variable Speed Drives an electrical energy saver In the cement manufacturing process large fans draw air through the kiln, precalciner, mills and filters to an exhaust stack Many smaller fans push the air into the grate cooler to reduce the temperature of the hot clinker leaving the kiln 1 All these airflows. Industrial Projects Encon Engineers Case Study DC Drives versus AC Drives particular for their large mill duty loads like in banbury mixtures, cold roll mill CRM , hot roll mill other rolling mill applications like in mills, pulp mills, kiln drives for cement mills etc. Nearly 70 percent of all industrial electrical energy use goes to powering electric motors These motors are the horses of business, from pumps moving fluids to fans moving air to compressors, conveyors, and every type of machine that depends on rotational force to get its job done. Electric Drive The types of electrical drives are two such as a standard inverter as well as a servo drive A standard inverter drive is used to control the torque speed A servo drive is used to control the torque as well as speed, and also components of the positioning machine utilized within applications that need difficult motion.

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You can create a package for your presentation and save it to a CD or USB drive so that other people can watch your presentation on most any computer. Some folks may call this "publish a presentation to a file. To add one or more presentations to package together, click Add , select the presentation, and then click Add. Repeat this step for each presentation that you want to add. Use the arrow buttons on the left side of the dialog box to re-order the list of presentations.

AC drives to the cement sector. Today, AC drives are used in a wide range of applications, some of which involve much more than just rotating the motor. The inching drive for this application is designed to operate whenever main power is lost for the rotation of the kiln. The second cement application for inching drives is the rotation of the horizontal grinding mills for maintenance. Here the inching drive provides

Guide to converting PPT to PDF and customizing the PDF's appearance in PowerPoint All the converters can be divided into three groups: PDF printers, online.

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Simply upload your presentation, via drag and drop or browsing your hard drive. You can even use a file from a cloud storage. Afterwards, you can download your new PDF file, share it or apply some further changes like adding a password for protection.

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If you want to make your PowerPoint presentation universal, printer-friendly and compact, then converting it to PDF may be a good idea. High-resolution PDFs are ideal for sharing and printing static slides that have no multimedia or animation effects. This article explains how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a PDF file and also how to share a presentation without sacrificing interactivity. This way you will have an opportunity to edit the original material later.

The first electric drive was invented in by B. Iakobi in Russia. He tested a DC motor which is supplied from a battery to push a boat. Although, the application of electric drive in industrial can happen after so many years like in At present, this can be observed almost everywhere.

Jul 20, Application of electric motors or drives in rolling mills Slideshare uses cookies to improve 9 13 classification of electric drives with factor 10 group drive 10 individual drive 10 ELECTRIC DRIVES full notes, pdf, ebooks.

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Want to share a PowerPoint presentation online? Here are 8 free ways to do so. Simple or sophisticated: just email or send a link to a buddy, upload as a video, use an LMS… All pros and cons are in this article. Why would I share a PowerPoint presentation online in the first place? To reach out to a global or target audience and make it easy for them to receive and process your content.

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CLASSIFICATION OF ELECTRIC DRIVES Classification of Electric Drive: Generally classified into 3 categories: • Group drive • Individual Drive.


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The advantages of group drive over individual drive area. Initial cost: Initial cost of group drive is less as compared to that of the individualdrive.b. Sequence.


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The G machine is a cost effective solution for your milling jobs, with the xxmm workspace and with the robust wibration free welded and annealed steel construction it can be used to mill and cut different materials from plastic, brass, aluminium to even steel.


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Of course you can also take a PPTX presentation and convert to PDF. Drop Files here Choose File. Enter URL Dropbox Google Drive.


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