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Consumer Protection Act, 2002, S.O. 2002, c. 30, Sched. A

View Complete Statute. License Disclaimer. Part 1 — Definitions and Application. Waiver or release void except as permitted. Part 2 — Unfair Practices. Division 1 — Deceptive Acts or Practices. Division 2 — Unconscionable Acts or Practices. Remedy for an unconscionable act or practice. Division 3 — Unsolicited Goods or Services. Material change resulting in unsolicited goods or services. Consumer's remedy if unsolicited goods or services. Guarantor has same rights as consumer.

Part 4 — Consumer Contracts. Division 1 — Definitions and Application. Direct sales contracts — cancellation. Credit agreement respecting direct sales contract.

Continuing services contract — cancellation. Return of goods by consumer on cancellation. Requirement to give accurate information. Prohibited charges respecting containers.

Preneed cemetery or funeral services contract — initial disclosure statement. Preneed cemetery or funeral services contract. Special provisions for right of interment.

Preneed cemetery or funeral services contracts — refunds on cancellation. Preneed cemetery or funeral services contract — failure to provide services. Money received under contract to be held in trust. Restrictions on representations respecting right of interment. Rights not held by interment right holder. Division 4 — Distance Sales Contracts. Distance sales contract in electronic form. Cancellation of distance sales contract. Consumer's recourse regarding credit card charges.

Division 5 — General. Cancellation of preauthorized payments. Part 4. Fees prohibited except as permitted by regulation. Regulations respecting prepaid purchase cards. Part 5 — Disclosure of the Cost of Consumer Credit. Division 2 — Advertising. Advertising requirements applicable to fixed credit. Advertising requirements applicable to open credit. Advertising requirements applicable to leases. Advertising a representative transaction. Form of disclosure statements and statements of account.

Giving of documents if multiple borrowers. Inconsistency between disclosure statement and credit agreement. Borrowers entitled to mortgage discharge. Borrowers may cancel optional services. Division 5 — Credit Arranged by Loan Brokers. Initial disclosure statements for fixed credit. Disclosure regarding changes in interest rate. Disclosure regarding increases in outstanding principal. Disclosure regarding mortgage loan renewals.

Initial disclosure statements for open credit. Description of transactions, charges, payments or credits. Division 8 — Credit Cards. Credit cards may be issued only on application. Additional disclosure for credit cards.

Division 9 — Leases of Goods. Disclosure required in relation to leases. Maximum liability under residual obligation leases.

Division 10 — General. Credit grantor must compensate borrower for contravention. Part 6 — Credit Reporting. Notice of denial of benefit or increase of cost of benefit. Part 6. Limits on total cost of borrowing — payday loans. Prohibitions respecting interest charges. Fees, penalties and charges prohibited unless allowed by regulation.

Payday loan agreements: required terms and disclosure statements. Application of payments, entitlement to prepay loan and receipts for payments. Other prohibited payday lender practices.

Application of Part 6. Unauthorized cheque cashing fees prohibited. Consequence of failure to comply. Part 7 — Debt Collection. Division 1 — Prohibited Debt Collection Practices. Communication with persons other than debtor.

Collection from person not liable for debt or in excess of amount of debt. Removal, seizure, repossession and distress. False or misleading information and misrepresentations. Accounting for and payment of money collected. Collection agent and bailiff fees and disbursements.

Division 1 — Compensation Funds. Establishment and continuation of compensation funds. Claimant must repay compensation fund for money received from another source. Contributor must repay compensation fund for claims caused by contributor. If administrative authority is director. Division 2 — Consumer Advancement Fund.

Establishment of Consumer Advancement Fund. Payments from Consumer Advancement Fund. Part 9 — Licences. Actions by director respecting licence. Opportunity to be heard and reconsideration. Part 10 — Inspections and Enforcement. Division 1 — Inspections. Inspection powers — additional powers of director. Filing undertakings or orders in Supreme Court.

Application to court respecting property freezing order or filed notice.

Statutes We Enforce

Table of contents Regulations 4 Alphanumerics Title P Updated to 31 October Consumer Protection Act. Non-profit legal persons cannot invoke their non-profit status to avoid the application of this Act. If a dispute arises after a contract has been entered into, the consumer may then agree to refer the dispute to arbitration. However, except in the case of an indeterminate-term service contract, such a stipulation is prohibited if it applies to an essential element of the contract, particularly the nature of the goods or services that are the object of the contract, the price of the goods or services or, if applicable, the term of the contract.

Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act, SBC , c 2, "deceptive act or practice" means, in relation to a consumer transaction,. (a) an oral, written,​.

How does consumer protection law apply to me and my business?

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Consumers Home Business Home. Consumers are entitled to have their rights and interests protected by law. Irish consumer protection law, which is based on a mix of Irish and European legislation, has evolved as a distinct area of law that concentrates on the general protection and promotion of those rights and interests. The following legislation provides protection for consumers and, consequently, obligations for you as a business. The Consumer Protection Act CPA provides protection to the consumer through a variety of measures; ensuring compliance with consumer legislation, self-regulation codes of practice and a set of enforcement measures.

View Complete Statute. License Disclaimer.

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Trade practices legislation for the protection of consumers was first enacted in the s as the Trade Practices Act. Both statutes build on the law of contract, but try to cover situations where the common-law principles of contract law are insufficient to give a consumer a remedy. These are defined as the supply of goods, services, or real property by a supplier to a consumer for primarily personal, family, or household use. Consumer transactions also include solicitations, offers, advertisements, or promotions by a supplier for sales and services to a consumer.



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Trinette B.

See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act's legislative history, including any changes not in force. Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act. [SBC​.


Federigo N.

Business Practices and Consumer Protection Act. [SBC ] CHAPTER 2. Part 12 — General. Division 1 — Reconsiderations.


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