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List Of Computer Languages And Their Inventors Pdf

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Something that struck me is that nobody was on the list twice. Don't know if they were "stuck" in a particular paradigm or

List of programming language researchers

Something that struck me is that nobody was on the list twice. Don't know if they were "stuck" in a particular paradigm or It was a Smalltalk for C programmers language that was clean and elegant.

It is also were Java picked up Interfaces. Anonymous, Indeed Objective C is great language of this decade but its only for iPhone, that might be the reason. Anonymous, good luck for your Java journey, you will find many good resource for learning Java in this blog, keep coming.

Thanks for such a nice information. We have been using this languages since long but still we don't know the creator of that language but as all creators are mentioned here so its easy for us to know that. If you are going on windows, C is probably the way to go. Hello Vlad, indeed Java is the best language to learn but being a Polyglot makes your really valuable, I suggest learning JavaScript, Python and Groovy to make yourself more productive and valuable. Each of them has their value.

Java developer at least should learn Groovy. I really loved this blog and everyday I do see something new which most of the time adds to my knowledge and motivated me to do things differently. Thanks Javin. Post a Comment. These are the ones who have contributed immensely to software development. Since programming language is the single most important thing in the software development world, it's often discussed, criticized, and improved over the years.

Programmers and developers, who those programming languages are icons of the programming world and sometimes I feel sad when a guy using a programming language doesn't know, who is behind that. Though it happens less often with a more popular programming language like Java, where everybody knows James Gosling as the father of Java , not every developer knows who created Perl, Pascal, Lisp, or Erlang.

These thoughts motivate me to collect and share, names of programmers and designers behind 10 of the most popular and successful programming languages. On my search, I bump into a beautiful infographic, which I have shared with your guys at the bottom of this post. The infographic also puts together 10 of the most popular programming language of the last 50 years , I thought to share with you guys.

You may want to check those out. PHP was initially created by Rasmus Lerdorf in PHP is used extensively to build dynamic web pages and server-side development. Designed and developed by Larry Wall in the mids. Perl rose to fame because of its excellent text processing capability.

It is still the primary language to develop reports, scripts on UNIX systems. Perl is known for parsing and processing massive text files and its used in CGI, database applications, network programming, and graphics programming.

For Java developers, adding Perl or Python in their portfolio is an excellent addition because you often need a scripting language to do ad-hoc tasks for maintenance and support purpose, and if you want to learn Perl, then Learn Perl 5 by Doing is a great course to start with. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: best of javarevisited , programmers , programming. March 16, at PM Anonymous said Lisp is the second oldest high-level language?

What do you count as oldest? March 25, at PM Anonymous said March 25, at PM Javin said July 11, at AM Javin said July 11, at AM Julia said March 29, at AM Vlad said August 8, at AM javin paul said August 9, at AM Unknown said Thanks Javin April 15, at PM javin paul said Thanks Unknown April 16, at AM.

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A History of Computer Programming Languages

This means is known as a programming language. Computer languages were first composed of a series of steps to wire a particular program; these morphed into a series of steps keyed into the computer and then executed; later these languages acquired advanced features such as logical branching and object orientation. The computer languages of the last fifty years have come in two stages, the first major languages and the second major languages, which are in use today. Thus, the earliest form of a computer language was physical motion. This process proved to be very tedious.

1When the table of contents is being read using a PDF viewer, the titles link to the I had been fascinated with programming language design for several years at that But this is a personal list; there are many others whose work has been Stephen C. Johnson, the inventor of of yacc, is an AT&T alumni and is currently.

Top 10 Programming languages and their inventors

Computer programming language , any of various languages for expressing a set of detailed instructions for a digital computer. Although there are many computer languages, relatively few are widely used. In contrast, high-level languages shield a programmer from worrying about such considerations and provide a notation that is more easily written and read by programmers. A machine language consists of the numeric codes for the operations that a particular computer can execute directly. Machine language instructions typically use some bits to represent operations, such as addition, and some to represent operands, or perhaps the location of the next instruction.

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List Of Best Programming Languages With Their Inventor’s Names

The Big List of 256 Programming Languages

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Computer programming is the very basis of the digital age that we live in today. Every time you like a post on social media, send an email, or set an alarm on your phone, a programming language is working behind the scenes — pulling the strings. But where did it all begin? And what spurred its growth into the leading industry that exists today? Most of all, why is knowing the history of programming languages important to hiring developers? Join us, as we embark on a tour of the history of programming languages. This retrospective will demonstrate how much computer programming has developed over the years.

Behind every great product, there is a great man or woman. Ditto for the programming languages. Some made it to the top of the charts while other fell by wayside. Java was invented by Dr. Gosling developed Java when he was working for Sun Microsystems between and Before joining Sun Microsystems he built a multiprocessor version of Unix for a way computer system while at Carnegie Mellon University. He has a framed picture of the first 1, digits of?

List of Coding Languages

Computer programs are often described as "sets of instructions",and computer languages are thought of by many as merely the syntax and vocabulary for providing these instructions. From this point of view, different programming languages may have different grammars, or different vocabularies. Each may treat semi-colons a particular way, or require capitalization - but they are sort of the same underneath all that. It's weird to think of, but most of the really "big" ideas in computer programming were developed in the s and 60s. Many new languages have developed since then, but none of them represent a truly novel approach to logic and computation. The development of new programming languages in the last few decades has focused a lot on developer experience. This may mean trying to enable code that is easier to write the driving force behind Ruby or easier to read Python , or making certain types of logical structures and modes of problem-solving more intuitive.

100 Of The Most Popular Programming Languages Explained In Minutes

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Computer programming language


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Computer programming is essential in our world today, running the systems for almost every device we use.


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