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Questions and answers

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Karma Question and Answer | Class XI – WBCHSE | Set – 1

Compare the personalities of Sir Mohan Lal and Lachmi. Answer:-Sir Mohan Lal was an anglicized Indian who took pride in everything British and hated anything that was Indian. His treatment of Indians was so cruel that he was ashamed to travel even with his wife and did not like his in-laws. On the other hand Lachmi was an extremely ordinary and simple lady who did not even reciprocate the hatred of her husband. She thought of herself as a submissive, docile wife of an aggressive, flamboyant person. Lachmi could mix freely with the lower class people and was comfortable with everything common and Indian.

Karma broad / long / descriptive important questions and answers for Class Ans: Karma is a story about Sir Mohan Lal (Native Indian) who looks down on his.

Broad Questions and Answers from Karma by Khuswant Singh

Those intentions are considered to be the determining factor in the kind of rebirth in samsara , the cycle of rebirth. Karmaphala Tib. A similar term is karmavipaka , the "maturation" [9] or "cooking" [10] of karma :. The metaphor is derived from agriculture: [6] [11].

Question and answer of Karma (Class xi of wbchse)

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Karma | Question and answer | Class 11 English

Banner ads. Khuswant Singh. Justify the title of the Story Karma.

What did Lachmi come to know about the condition of the trains in the route? Ans: Sir Mohan, to Lachmi, is more of a master than a husband. Sir Mohan stays inside the first class waiting room while Lachmi remains outside. In the train, Sir Mohan travels by first-class while Lachmi accommodates herself in the Zenana compartment. So, Sir Mohan prefers commanding while Lachmi obeys him faithfully. Lachmi came to know that the trains in the route were mostly packed with passengers.

Ans: The title of any short story always has a different significance. If we look at the short stories of Rabindranath, there is the feature of "the end is not the end".

Karma important Questions and Answers for class 11.

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